A calm, comforting and empowering birth and transition are my goals for you

You aren’t expected to know all of these answers yet.

As your birth doula, I can begin working with you and your partner as early as 12 weeks into your pregnancy or as late as a few days before the anticipated birth of your child. I would like to spend time getting to know you both.

During our visits, I will ask thought provoking questions. By sharing your values and priorities, as well as your fears and concerns, you will help me to ensure the most meaningful birth experience for you.

We will discuss, among other topics, the stages of birth, comfort techniques and breastfeeding information.  The benefits of massage and essential oils will also be covered.

Being trained in Spinning Babies, I will suggest positions of comfort that will help minimize the pressure you might experience.  These suggestions will also allow for optimal baby positioning during pregnancy and birth. 

As a Hypno-Doula, I will use comforting and soothing language to help establish the peaceful environment in which you would like to give birth.   This calmness inspires the empowerment you need in discovering your inner strength, and reassures you and your partner if you have any concerns.

Together we will navigate the highs and lows of your birthing journey as you discover and embrace your body’s indescribable power and strength. I will gently and warmly nurture you through the beautiful waves of giving birth. 

Additionally, my presence will bring peace of mind for your partner to feel comfortable in taking a break. Your partner and I can be a team in satisfying your mental and physical needs for a comfortable birth experience.  You will be in good hands!

After your newborn arrives, I am available to remain with you for a couple of hours.  As a Certified Lactation Counselor, I can also provide you with breastfeeding support and help your newborn with establishing a proper latch.

As your Postpartum Doula, I can be an extra set of experienced hands to guide you along your transition to life with a newborn.  Our time together can be spent in any way you see most beneficial.  This could include breastfeeding assistance, light household tasks, calming companionship or caring for your newborn while you enjoy a shower or nap.

My role as your Postpartum Doula is to care equally for you and your baby. After all, you both have been introduced to a whole new world. 

*For an additional fee, I am available as a part-time nanny for a three-week period.

Most of all I will be an empathetic friend who is free from judgement, unconditionally supporting you through pregnancy, birth and postpartum!